Wednesday, April 15, 2015

The bathroom is done!!!

Finally this post is going up!  UGH  I thought I was going to be out of luck today.  The pictures would load up, and our internet was being stupid!  LOL  Anyhow, the bathroom is done and I'm a happy Mom again! :)  I have my house back to normal!!!  

I had it in my head that this might not be the best job because neither of us have ever touched tile before, but it turned out so good!  I'm so pleased!

I can't get over how sturdy the floor is compared to how it was.  I'm not sure if its just because our linoleum was not stuck down like it should have been anymore of if its just the difference between that and tile.  Either way, we are super pleased! 
After this week, we get to start on the next bathroom.  That one should go a lot faster!

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