Friday, April 3, 2015

Family pictures :)

Saturday morning, we got up at 5, got ready and headed to Mom and Dad's.  We wanted to get as much time in with family as we could.  :)

The cousins were really happy to see each other again :)  Especially when food was involved.  Grandma bought them chocolate lucky charms and fresh pineapple.  It was a favorite for sure!

Meet Liliann!  This was our first time seeing this sweetie and we really enjoyed our time with her.  

Well hello there Jonathan!  LOL  Someone had my camera...So I'm not responsible for this photo, but I also couldn't leave it out!

Since a good share of us were together, we took some family pictures.  Chelsea requested these, and so please forgive the duplicate pictures, but this was the easiest way for me to post them for her to see and then pick what ones she wants sent to her.  

Love it!

I love this picture :)  

Our "other sister" :)

Chelsea and of her best friends

I promise Madalyn had a blast....but she was not a fan of all the pictures!  LOL

Not long to go before my oldest reaches my mom's height!

Chelsea with a bunch of her nieces and nephews!

I love her in this picture!

The Geigers :)

I love this picture <3

LOL and this one ;)

Our turn!

Again I didn't take any of these, so I was surprised to see these but LOVE THEM!!!


Our best shots at a group picture ;)

Chelsea got to spend some time with this little girl....

And really got her going!

Daniel LOVES his little sister!



Sharon Geiger said...

Oh my <3 My highlights besides the typical Jonathan looks in a picture are Madalyn trying to tolerate all of this, Daniel keeping Lilliann's pacie in her mouth and me trying to hang on to Dad's shirt during our shots. I do that a lot when I'm uncomfortable :) Nice job on all of these, Sarah (or whoever had Sarah's camera)

Sarah Benedict said...

Sami was in charge :)