Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Faith and Prayers

I am always amazed at the faith of a child.  I know that the Bible talks about us having faith as a child, but until you are a Mom and see it first hand, it's hard to comprehend exactly what that means.  My girls love to pray....It's awesome.  You don't even have to ask them to pray about something.  If they sense there is something going on, if they want something or if they see someone else struggling, they are going to bring it before the Lord.  Marissa has prayed EVERY night before she goes to bed that we won't have a fire for a few years now.  She doesn't just mouth the words, she believes that as long as she prays that we won't, we won't.  We have some repairs we need to do to the basement after the tough winter and Madalyn has caught wind that I'm concerned.  So she has taken it upon herself to pray that it goes smooth and isn't too expensive.  She has the faith that that prayer will be answered.  (She also has been praying that it won't snow, and although that hasn't been answered everyday, she hasn't gotten discouraged or down.)  I think I need to take some lessons from my kids.  Even when I pray, I lack the faith that should go with it many times!  Kids sure have a way of humbling you... in more way than one!

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