Friday, April 17, 2015

Bean Boozled :)

For youth group this month we decided to torture the teens.  We had come across this Jelly Belly game called Bean Boozled.  Curiosity got the best of us and we decided who better to test it out on, but the youth group ;)  Our plan kind of backfired because we didn't have a ton of teens this month.  We started to feel bad and figured we should play with them... :/  
So when you buy a box, here is what you see...these are the "flavors" that are found inside.

You can get just a small box like the above picture, or you can get a game box with a spinner like this one...

We opted for the game spinner and decided to throw a wrench in things.  We bought a bag of sweet tarts jelly beans as well.  We also brought a book full of Bible Trivia.  We went around the table and asked each teen a question.  If they got it right, they got a sweet tarts jelly bean (guaranteed to be good).  If they got it wrong, they had to spin for their fate, although they still had a chance of getting a good one.  I will tell you that they aren't many good ones in the box!  LOL

We have an awesome group of teens and they were all really good sports about it and I think, although they all left a little queasy, they did have a good time!

We only had a couple rules.  You had to chew the bean at least 5 times.  If you absolutely could not swallow it then you could spit it out at that point in time.  The only other rule was to have fun ;)  

Here we go!

Julie told me to give her a "thinking face"...I should have thought longer...

...because the barf was awful!  

By the time we were done playing, the basement of the church smelled so nasty.  The smell of these this is soooo bad.  Matt had skunk spray...

Canned Dog Food...

Another skunk spray...

Moldy Cheese...

Josiah got his right!

Poor Abraham got Skunk Spray a second time.  We had already had 2 skunks and figured we had to get a licorice...  :(

In case anyone else gets curious, we have another box still wrapped up and saved for another time.  
It makes for a lot of laughs!

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