Monday, April 6, 2015

A Birthday Celebration :)

My friend Katie's oldest turned 4 last week.  Katie planned a day full of surprises and asked us to come along.  The first stop was to Chucky Cheese.  The girls have never been, at least not that they remember.  They were super excited and were really good about keeping the secret.  Katie split up the tokens and we set them loose...

It was fun to watch them try and get the concepts of some of the games.  They would jump in and try and figure them out as they played.  This was a tough one for Zoe especially, but even the girls needed a good amount of ompfh...

I love this picture!


Madalyn was able to take the lead with this game at 6 blocks stacked!

Marissa didn't want any part of Chucky, but Madalyn was all about it, especially if it meant free tickets!

Paisley's job was to keep track of the token bucket for Zoe...She did a great job!

All the kids loved this simulator type game...


Jackpot again!

And again!

In the end they had 385 tickets all together!  They did a super good job!

The second half of the surprise was heading to McDonalds for lunch!
Paisley was super happy about that decision ;)

The girls LOVED it!

Present time!


She is doing so good at writing her letters!

Happy Girl!

Birthday messages from Marissa

Lunch is devoured, so time to play!

Thanks for including us in your celebrations Zoe!  We had a great day :)


Kate Brinkerhoff said...

You got some pictures of me in there that I didn't know you took!LOL...You got some really cute pictures. Thanks for celebrating with us! We had so much fun!

Sarah Benedict said...

I'm sneaky like that! ;)