Friday, September 12, 2014

The drive....

Now back to our regularly scheduled program! ;)
Remember how I said the drive out to Vermont was beautiful and relaxing?  Well the ride home was a different story ;)  Started out with a bad dumping experience.  Mind you its only my second time dumping the trailer...still it was one of my worst "blonde moments" as my father in law calls it that I have probably ever had.  Usually the dump station has a pathway, so I followed the road around to the dumping area and pulled up to the hole.  Everything was going good, till I pulled the plungers and realized that the camper was sitting slightly uphill....yeah.  So I had to "walk" the junk it the hose to help it along and give the push it needed.  I was just about swearing that the stupid dump station was designed by an idiot when Doug's Dad pulled up behind me.  He started helping and then realized that I was on the wrong side.  I should have pulled up on the grass and then I would have been uphill to the hole instead of downhill.  Oh man.  I was so glad no one other than my in-laws watched me struggle through that.  Lesson learned let me tell you!  So I backed into the dump station on the correct side, finished dumping, checked out at the gate and then we were off with me leading the way!  We weren't more than an hour into the trip when I get a phone call from Mom telling me that they lost a tire on the trailer.  I just happened to be by a farm, so I pulled in and used their driveway to turn around.  I could see their trailer on the side of the road so I wasn't far.  There was a u-shaped driveway across the way so I parked my rig and told the girls to stay put.  I crossed the busy road only to find not a lost tire, but a shredded one!  

I personally have never seen a tire quite in that shape.  So I got the spare off while Dad got the shredded tire.   Then we find out that the spare is lacking in air.  Thankfully the driveway I was parked in had a bunch of guys out in the shop working on a car and they had an air compressor.  We made our way back across with the tire all ready to go, only to discover that the spare tire has the wrong bolt pattern.  The shredded tire had a 6 bolt pattern and the spare had a 5.  I thought he was pulling my leg, but no, he was dead serious!  So we dropped my trailer and loaded up to go find a new tire to put on the other rim.  Thankfully we found a local guy that sold tires and he had one in stock that worked perfect.  Before long we were both hooked up and back on the road.

After a couple missed turns, my GPS going crazy and trying to send me back to Vermont, some tight roads and gas stations, we finally made it home safe and sound without damaging anything!  It was quite the experience, but one we won't forget! :)  I'm so thankful for a hard working husband and the camper that the Lord allowed us to get.  It was so nice to be able to spend 2 weeks straight with him.  On top of that, He gave me the ability and confidence to drive the thing and kept us safe through all the states to boot.  
So blessed!!!