Wednesday, September 3, 2014

A trip to PA

Doug was going to be in PA for the week so we headed down with the camper and stayed the week with him.  We had to stay in Harrisburg because of where he had to work and I could only find an RV park that wasn't exactly our idea of camping but it worked.  We had a blast anyhow!

I don't know why Madalyn was trying to be so serious....

But it didn't last long ;)

I taught my mother in law and the girls how to play Mancala.  Everyone loved it, especially Marissa.  She really took to it and was really good! 

Overall, we just relaxed and enjoyed not HAVING to do something, because when we are home there is always SOMETHING to do! 

The girls made quite a few turtle, snakes, and other creatures with their looms...

And my father in law enjoyed not running 24/7

This little pup has really taken a love for camping!

These two love it as well!


Unknown said...

I want a turtle!!! And I miss you guys! Love you, Dad

Sarah Benedict said...

The girls are on it.... :)

Chelsea Thomas said...

i LOVE the turtle!!!