Thursday, September 25, 2014

Fall Fun

You know how crafts always look easier then they actually are?  I don't know why that is always my case, but it is ;)  A good friend of mine and I decided to get the girls together for a homeschool art project!  The idea was to dip regular pretzels in orange chocolate and then add a green M&M at the top for the stem.  Pumpkins!  Only we never got smooth thin chocolate!  Oh well, the kids had fun anyhow! 

Eva didn't do any dipping but she helped taste test to make sure it was safe for everyone else.  I just missed the picture of her on top of the table helping herself to the M&M's!  Too cute :)

Regardless as to how they looked, they tasted yummy and the girls loved them!

It was a great excuse to get the girls together and do something fun!  

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Chelsea Thomas said...

I have those pinned! :) They look yummy! Good job girls!