Monday, September 22, 2014

Awesome weekend!

Again I'm behind come Monday morning :(  
We had an awesome weekend!  My parents drove down Friday after school and brought us our half of cow that we split with them.  So thankful for a freezer FULL!  On top of that, we then got to spend some time with my parents :)  We really enjoyed ourselves.  Friday night we played a much needed game of hand and foot.  Saturday the Cream Cheese Festival was going on in Lowville, so we took them to see that.  It was SUPER busy but the kids had fun, which in turn made us all have fun :)  The food was good and the kid area was fun to watch.  Then we came home and had dinner and played some more games.  Sunday morning we parted ways.  The girls mentioned a couple times that it went by too fast!  It always does!  I'm so thankful for family.  God sure is good!
Stay tuned for pictures of our weekend!

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