Friday, September 5, 2014

I'm Sarah Benedict and I'm addicted to camping....

I thought for sure after spending a week in the camper in PA and being the one to drive the camper down and back on 81 with tons of road construction that I would be ready to be home.  But that was not the case...I think I could live in the camper and be totally happy!  Before we even left PA Doug told me that he was going to be in Vermont the next week.  So basically, I went home and unpacked what needed to be so I could do wash and such but left most of everything in there.  Monday morning the girls and I headed back out.  It was a beautiful drive to Vermont.  I'm very much a fan of not having to take 81 or the thruway.  It was nice when I hit Vermont and the state speed limit was 50.  I could take my time and not have to worry about being in anyone's way.  We had a stress free trip and even got to see a 2 hump camel in someone's field. The girls loved crossing the "big" bridge (although Mommy could have done without that part), but were disappointed that we couldn't cross on the ferry.  (Mommy was glad we were not routed that way...although I wasn't crazy about the bridge I didn't really want to ride the ferry either!)  
We made good time and found the camp ground without any trouble. They were very friendly there and I managed to back the camper in my spot without damaging anything and then waited for Doug to arrive to help me get it up on blocks.  This place was so relaxing and pretty.  The sites were good size and offered shade and sun.  Definitely more my kind of place :)  
They had a beautiful camp store with tons of supplies so I didn't have to venture anywhere in case I ran out of propane or something like that.  

They had free miniature golf.  The girls were super excited about this, but after playing it for a bit decided it was not everything they thought it was going to be.

They were still cute playing though!

Doug's parents joined us again but didn't come until later Tuesday night.  We enjoyed having them for another week :)  This place also had shuffle board.  The girls had never seen this game let alone played it before.  So Grandpa taught them the ropes and they did pretty good!  They even dragged Grandma into playing :)

Stayed tuned for more :)


Sharon Geiger said...

Yes, they are cute playing putt-putt. They are just plain cute!!! <3

Chelsea Thomas said...

How fun! Next stop, SC!

Unknown said...

Acknowledging that you have a problem is the first step to getting help. Wish we could be there with you guys too!!! Love you all, Dad