Wednesday, May 27, 2015

1st Camping trip of the season!

Saturday morning we headed up to Eighth Lake for a relaxing get away.  Eighth lake is amazing!  The campsites are set apart from each other, there is no electric, cell service, internet, etc!  It was awesome!  We did a lot of walking, biking and lounging.  I didn't realize how much I actually needed this!

 We wore the dogs and kids right out!

 This year we took the plunge and took Beaker.  Last year when we took our trips, we didn't think twice about the cats because they had each other.  This year, Beaker would be left home alone.  She has really bonded herself to us since loosing her sister and we were worried about how she would cope.  Since this was a short trip away from home, we figured this was a good start.  She did great and didn't seem to mind it one bit!  

 Sunday Laurie and Kenny joined us for the afternoon/evening and it was really nice!  

Now that the season has been started, we are itching to get out on our next trip!

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