Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Birthday celebrations!

 Marissa's birthday was a crazy day!  Something was going on at school so Elementary and Middle school was out, but teachers still had to report.  So we had a play day at my house!  Cari came up to help out and keep me sane :)  Here is our crew.... (minus the 2 little ones...they were sleeping!)

Everyone was so good and they all really played well together.  Between naps and kids playing good, I got Marissa's desert and dinner made and put in the fridge and freezer.  This year she wanted mac n cheese, raw baby carrots and frozen peanut butter cupcakes.  All the kids were picked up by 4:30 and I was able to get the house cleaned up and dinner cooked right on time.  After dinner, Doug's mom and I had to take a crew to the rabies clinic.  The girls stayed and played a game while Doug and his Dad took the snowblower and weights off the tractor and put on the mower deck.  When we got back, desert was on the menu! 
Marissa looks sooo big!

We couldn't get these candles to stay lit, but when it came to blowing them out she needed a second go at it!

She was spoiled throughout the day, but due to all the craziness, I failed in the camera department.  Thank you to all her made her day special!!!  She is still deciding what she is going to spend her birthday money on!  

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Sharon Geiger said...

Beautiful inside and out <3