Monday, May 11, 2015

Our weekend

What a beautiful weekend!  We have had gorgeous weather here lately!  We could use some rain, but hey I'm not complaining in the least bit!  Saturday we were able to head to the local greenhouse and get plants for our garden.  We are really early for us, and probably early for everyone else too, but we are feeling daring this year. ;)   Hopefully it pays off and we don't regret it.  We have a couple more things to plant but the majority of everything is in there.  
Saturday night we started laying tile in the bathroom.  We were both really hoping to get more done than we did, but since it was nice, there were just more important things to get done outside.  I was really thinking this bathroom was going to go a little faster...oh well!  It will get done when it gets done I guess.  
Sunday was Mother's Day of course and it was also  Doug's Mom's birthday.  We were going to bow out on lunch since we wanted to work on the bathroom, but Doug decided we shouldn't.  We had a nice lunch and enjoyed some more time outside.  
Molly is still doing well with her surgery and is healing very nicely!  
I'm very thankful for that!
This morning we started day one of our state tests for homeschooling.  So far its going really well.  after this week we will be totally done with school!  Hopefully soon we will make plans to go get the camper and we can start heading out :)  I can't wait!

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