Thursday, March 26, 2015

I can see the light!

 Sunday afternoon, in between church services, we came back and laid our thin-set and set the tiles.  It was a much faster process than the night before...

...Although laying these thin tiles right between the wall and the already set tiles was not exactly easy.  We got them in ok though!

It looks great!  I can't wait to grout everything on Friday night! 

This was our only "problem" area.  Doug was gone to church for the last few tile placements and this tile was being a stinker for me.  I was probably trying to get it too perfect, but it kept popping up just a tiny bit on that one end.  So I wedged a few things in there to hold it in place until the thin-set dried.  Hopefully it holds and I didn't do anything bad...  I'll let you know how that thought process goes! ;)

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