Friday, March 13, 2015

Another day...

Doug came home last night, which usually results in an awesome nights sleep for me.  Last night wasn't the case though.  I kept dreaming he overslept so I kept waking up in a panic and I apparently worried all night in my dreams that he was going to kick my one leg that I scrapped up good last weekend.  I'm a little groggy this morning and I have two extra kiddos here today.  I think today shall be a coffee day!  
By the sounds of it non of us in the this house slept great.  Marissa had some wild dreams last night.  Have I ever mentioned how much I love listening to dreams in the morning?  Probably makes me the worst Mom ever, but I know Mom will understand me when I say listening to her dreams are like listening to Jonathan's!  LOL  I know I should take the time to sit and listen to them and enjoy the fact that she wants to tell me.  I'm working on it.  On the outside I'm doing better, but on the inside it's still a major battle!  Oh the joys of growing!  
I'm looking forward to another good weekend!  Hopefully, if everything goes well, I'll have picture of our finished master bathroom on Monday!  I've realized just how spoiled we are when I can not wait to have my 2 bathrooms back.  Doug and I keep telling the kids that we both grew up with only one bathroom.  The first day we had to shower in their shower, I thought they were going to blow a fuse.  Till I realized that they thought we were all going to shower together!  LOL  The girls still shower together for the most part so apparently in their heads, us showering in their shower equalled at the same time as well!  LOL  They have been fine with it since.  I'm definitely anxious to get ours done though and see how it turns out.  You can't mess up tile right?  Haha  The guy at Home Depot that helped us out told us that you really can't...anything is going to be better than what we have.  Which is very true!  See you all Monday!  
Hope you all have a great weekend as well! 


Sharon Geiger said...

I totally relate to the plight of listening to the dreams. It didn't help that I thought Jonathan MUST be making it up as he goes because no one could POSSIBLY dream with such detail..........or could they ? <3

Sarah Benedict said...

I haven't figured that one out yet either!