Thursday, March 12, 2015

God is good!

Remember how our bathroom project was on hold, waiting for the new underlayment?   I got the FedEx tracking for the Ditra and it was due for delivery on the 17th.   We were both a little bummed since we can't do much on the bathroom with Doug being gone  during the week, and the project was going to stand still another weekend.  Yesterday during school, FedEx pulls up and carries our new underlayment to the garage!  What a blessing!  Now we are free and clear to press on this weekend! I'm still not sure what happened with their delivery date, but I'm so thankful that God brought it here early! 
(P.S.  Sorry this is late Dad!  I had it written this morning at 6:30 from my phone, but I must have not hit publish.  It took me a while to realize my mistake!)


Unknown said...

I wasn't even upset yet!!! Love you, Dad

Sarah Benedict said...

LOL :) Whew! Love you too!