Monday, March 16, 2015

As promised :)

Here we go again!  LOL

It just got real!  So exciting and nerve wrecking all at the same time :)

We got the Ditra all laid good!  Doug decided he kind of liked this as a floor :)

Mixing up the thinset proved very interesting.  We now know what we are doing, but we wasted more than we needed to in the process!  A little water goes a LONG way ;)

Laying the modified thinset for under the Ditra...

Getting ready to lay some tile :)

Looking good!  

It was very much a learning process, but I think we have the hang of it.  
It is kind of fun!

And this is where we stopped.  We wanted to do the main portion of the room first since those are the lines we cared about the most.  The trimming part comes next, but unfortunately we have to let these tiles sit at least 2-3 days before walking on them or they might move.  Since Doug isn't here, we won't get to finish the trimming pieces till next Saturday.  Which then means I won't have my bathroom back for another two weeks!  :(  Oh well, it will all be worth it!

Clean up time :)

It's drying!  I'm just impressed we got straight lines and I still like it!  LOL  I was very fearful we would get it in and I wouldn't like it.  Can't wait for it to be all the way done!
More pictures on this project a week from today!

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Chelsea Thomas said...

I kinda like the orange better hahaha