Tuesday, March 24, 2015

A house full!

Friday night there was a bridal shower at our church.  I'm never sure of Doug's arrival time, and I wasn't sure who I was going to get to watch my girls so I decided to open up our home for all the other little ones at church.  We ended up with 8 kiddos(only one boy!) and one of the teens was sweet enough to come and help me.  I think we were all, Doug included, prepared for the house to be insane, but all the kids were really good.   They all played together really well and we had a lot of fun with them!

There was some dress-up involved...

The three youngest that we had, haven't really been around dogs, but they took to our two girls very good!  This little guy thought Molly's nose was really fun to play with ;)


Unknown said...

Are the girls in tutu's twins? Dad

Sarah Benedict said...

Yes, and the little guy is their brother.