Friday, August 5, 2016

What did we start?

Douglas Cuddle Toys...where do I start?
So Mom bought Marissa the pink horse when she was maybe 6 months old?  If I remember correctly she got it for Christmas.  She quickly became attached to it and that combined with her pacifier were a sure win to put her to sleep.  
My grandma got Madalyn the 1st of her two puppies before she was born, and she was VERY addicted by 4 months when she started sucking her thumb and holding puppy's ears.  We quickly realized she needed two because they would get SOOO gross!  
Since then, they have become my go to naturally when Chelsea was pregnant we had to get her one.  I really wanted to get her the monkey, but Madalyn put her foot down and said that it wouldn't work since it didn't have ears and they were VERY important.  So a puppy it was!  
Seth now has two as well ;)  While they were here, we had to get a picture with all the kids and their lovies :)

Seth was so sure that he had room in his lap for a few more though!  ;)

I love this one <3

Sorry for the abundance of pictures...I couldn't choose!