Monday, August 1, 2016

Special Visitors...

We got the privelege a couple weeks ago of having my sister, brother in law and their son come and stay with us for a little while.  I haven't seen them since Christmas, so I was slightly excited!  They arrived pretty late at night, so they just laid Seth down in the pack n play sleeping already.  In the morning when he woke up, I went in to get him and he was quite the surprised little boy.  We skype quite often, so I wasn't a stranger to him but he definitely was whipping his head around trying to figure out where he was.  After we got up Mama and Dada, he settled in and made himself right at home!

I love this picture!

He loved the kitchen and ended up finding the littlest pepper we have and stuffing it in his mouth...of course I had to snap a picture before we put it up for the remainder of the visit.

There, that one is better ;)

I don't have any great pictures of Molly and Seth, but let me tell you...they became tight buddies!  Molly was such a good girl with him and Seth was sooo cute with her!  I loved the squeals when he would see her, and the tail wag she would give back to him.

Per the usual, we fired up a game of hand and foot.  I'm notoriously on the losing team, so I was slightly excited that we whooped the was BAD!

These were the cards from the last hand...the pile on the left was our positive cards and the pile on the right are the guys negative cards.  They had nothing down so EVERY one of their cards had to be counted against them!  We didn't gloat at all ;)
We made sure to tell them that they were really good losers...they took it really well!

Seth spent quite a bit of time in the crate...although again, every time I grabbed the camera he would crawl out!

Stay tuned for more pictures!

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