Thursday, August 25, 2016

11 pups :)

For the past week, we have been helping out a friend by keeping her 11 lab puppies while she was seeing her boys off to college.  Doug built a great enclosure in our basement to contain them when we weren't down there.  We have had some friends over to help us wear them out throughout the week.  It takes a good amount of time to wear 11 of them out, let me just tell you!

But they sure are cute :)

We are not in the market and probably never will be for a lab, but this is my pick of the litter...whoever is getting her is getting a pretty awesome pup.  Her personality is AMAZING!

I love this picture!

Who knew how entertaining sand toys can be!  LOL

Too cute!


...and we did it :)

 They will sleep for a whole...oh I don't know... 2 hours???

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Rachel Zehr said...

Its like prep for a new baby!