Wednesday, August 10, 2016

2016 Countryside Dog Show

This is definitely something that the girls really look forward to every summer.  It's mostly for fun, although every 1st and 2nd prize winners do earn a gift certificate to the vet's office.  I'm so proud of the girls and the dogs!

Molly has really come a long way in her confidence!  She was so good while we were out and about with both other dogs and men!  She is such a sweet girl!

What a great shot!  Thanks Doug ;)

The patient and her doctor and the teacher and her student :)
They do such a great job coming up with the costumes every year!
We walked away with a 1st, quite a few 2nds and a couple 3rds.  $95 in gift certificates will help out this winter for sure :)  Molly took a 2nd in Obedience ;)  That made me smile for sure!


Chelsea Thomas said...

Great job, guys! Some really great shots!

Rachel Zehr said...

That's awesome!!! Your dog's are very well behaved for sure. As well As your children. You inspire me