Thursday, August 11, 2016

A few changes :)

A couple weeks ago, we got the opportunity to change some things in the house.  We finally retired our couch and upgraded!  The poor thing had been through Doug's parents, brother, sister and then us.  It was shot for sure :(
Friends of ours needed a home for this beauty and we were able to make it fit!  I LOVE it!

We also finally got rid of our old tube TV and upgraded to an LED that I can actually watch without getting a headache!  

Due to the size of the couch, my rocker got put in the playroom (soon to be nursery).  It's not getting much use for now, but that will change before too long!
I'm so thankful for the new look!  

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Rachel Zehr said...

Happy for you too. Looking forward to seeing the nursery