Monday, February 9, 2015

Youth Group

Another youth group has come and gone and we pulled off another good one!  We did a green screen activity this month.  Doug put a video above their heads and they had to ask questions to figure out what it was.  They seemed to enjoy themselves.  This was our set up...

The kids had a lot of fun on this one.  Some of the questions that he asked to figure it out were hysterical seeing as who it is!  We ended up turning up the volume on the video and his response was...I know that voice!  LOL  He got it right after that, but we lost it laughing anyhow :) 

She wasn't smiling as big when she finally realized what was behind her ;)

We didn't know that he hated was very fitting.  I've never seen so many!  The teens expressions on this one should have been video taped!

We ended up turning the volume up on this one as well as a hint...the kids got a kick out of listening to the service!  

Doug did another great devotional and we enjoyed good food and fellowship!  So thankful for each one that comes and I'm enjoying watching the group bond closer and closer.

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Sharon Geiger said...

This is a fun idea. Great job!!!