Tuesday, February 24, 2015

More big news!

When my sister came home at Thanksgiving and announced she was expecting, the girls both put in their guesses.  Madalyn said boy, Marissa said girl.  
Yesterday my sister found out she is having a BOY!  
Seth Kyle :)  
Both girls are sooo excited and the first thing Madalyn said was I get to hold him first!  LOL  
That was the agreement.  Whoever guessed right got to hold the baby first, after me!  Of course I have already heard how its not fair because I guessed wrong, but still get to hold him before Madalyn.  Aunts just trump in some ways ;)
We did some shopping for little Seth last night and I'm super excited for the shower now!  The girls each got to add a little something to the gift that was very important to them as a baby.  They are both sure that Seth is going to need it as well.  Madalyn was super excited to hear that he is a thumb sucker already...she thinks all babies should be!  Marissa loved that they caught him playing with his toes. :)  Both girls can't wait to go to SC this summer to meet him!  I want him to stay cooking as long as he needs to, but can't wait to hold him!  We love him so much already!

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