Monday, February 23, 2015

Big news in the Benedict house!!!

My 1st baby is all grown up...its official!  
The harness has been reinstalled into Marissa's car seat...

...because she outgrew the booster!  She is so proud to be sitting with her feet touching the ground.   :)  It's weird to look in the rear view mirror and not see her seat...almost gives you a panic attack that you left her!  Madalyn sits taller than her in the car now LOL!  Marissa is getting too big, too fast!  (Don't mind her pants...they are her favorite play jeans!  I promise she has pants that fully cover her knees available to her!)  

So I have a spare seat at the house now for my extra kiddos.  It feels weird to be down to 1 car seat in the car after almost 8 years of having 2.  She is loving it so far!  (Although she said it feels really weird.)  It will definitely make our trip south easier this summer since we will have my Mom with us.  1 car seat instead of 2 = a LOT more room!


Unknown said...

I was starting to think this may never happen!!!!!!
She is growing up FAST!!!! Dad

Chelsea Thomas said...

No way! That looks so weird!

Smurfberry said...

She looks so big.