Friday, October 16, 2015


 So here is the result from my Usborne party!  I didn't have high expectations so I was very pleasantly surprised with what I walked away with!

This is one I was pretty pumped about!  I mostly wanted it for the world atlas, but what an awesome book!  The kids have already sat down with it a couple times and think it's pretty cool!

My kids love art!  It's not something with struggle with homeschooling, but we don't really have a curriculum either.  I'm excited to try this out with the girls...they seem pretty anxious as well!

I love their touchy-feely well made!

These are big kid coloring books...who doesn't love to color right?  
I think we are going to save these for Christmas!

A peek inside the books...

Super cool!  Thanks a lot for opening my eyes to Usborne Liz!  (I'd never heard of it before!)  If anyone is interested in books and would like to take a look at this company, my sister in law and my sister both sell for them now.  I can hook you up! ;)

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