Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Ready for the "s" word...

This year we had to do our first maintenance with the Honda since we bought it almost 4 years ago.  We have a brand new battery ready to go for the cold weather that is coming, whether I like it or not, so we are set there.  
Then yesterday we bought our first set of tires.  The originals that were on it when we bought it had definitely seen the end of their lifespan and desperately needed to be replaced.  Traction control was kicking on WAY too often.  
Doug picked out the tires he wanted and then called our local tire place and they had 4 in stock.  I got an appointment the very next morning (yesterday), and it was so nice driving it home!  Sad to say, but I'm actually looking forward to taking it for a ride later today to test them out a little more! ;)  LOL  
I'm thankful for the way God provides.  While I hate spending money, I'm thankful that we had stuff put aside to be able to do this.  
Today we have a contractor here fixing our basement wall, so that is all set too.  Again, I hate spending money, but I hate things that need to be maintained lurking over our head even more.  It sounded like they were going to have everything done today so I'll update you all tomorrow with out things went!

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Sharon Geiger said...

I'm surprised that he was able to fit you in so close to having had worked on the church addition. I thought he would crash for a month or so. :)