Tuesday, October 27, 2015

The job is DONE!!!

The girls and I spent about 2 hours outside last night digging potatoes and carrots and we got it done! 

I'm not sure even how many pounds of potatoes we got, but I struggled carrying these two bags to the garage!  There were quite few little ones this year and then some decent sized ones.  I love the little ones because I cook them up like salt potatoes!

This is our carrot crop....
It took all three of us girls to carry the bag LOL!  We have some crazy huge ones again this year but overall, we got pretty straight good sized carrots!  The girls are excited!  Peterette should have carrot tops for a while now!  I'm super excited that this project is done!  Now to get them in the freezer ;)
Just a random fact....the bunny won't eat carrots!  Isn't that weird???

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Sharon Geiger said...

Bunnies do in fact love carrots, don't they? Peterette is not a typical bunny as we know :)