Monday, October 5, 2015

Crazy Busy Weekend

What weekend isn't crazy busy though right???
Friday was youth group again...we had to get back on our first Friday of the month schedule.  We kept this simple this month.  We ate some peanut butter cookies and played Cranium.  The devotional was amazing as usual!  Doug always does a really good job at relating to the teens and bringing things to their level.  
Saturday we got up early, made breakfast to go, and headed to church for the day.  The expansion is now up, and it was metal roof day! ;)  We had a great turn out and its so neat to watch God's people at work!  A few ladies brought/made food and snacks for the guys, and everyone really pitched in!  The expansion has a pretty green roof and they put a big dent into the siding as well.  One of these days I need to take my camera and take pictures again.  The girls kept "Grandma" Jenkins company while I helped a little bit.  
Once we got the building done, the church computer updated to Windows 10, and everything cleaned up, we headed to get some apples!  A couple years ago we went to this amazing place with some friends and we talked about going again this year.  So I called ahead to find out how much their apples were.  After finding out that I can get them for less than half priced at an orchard closer to us, we decided to forgo all the fun at that place and pay a little less.  We bought a bushel of Honey favorite and then tried a new variety called Snow Sweets.  They are really good!  
Honey Crisps still take #1 for me though!
Sunday we spent the day at church, followed by a quick trip to Lowville.  
My car has been giving us some issues here lately with starting.  Sometimes it starts no problem, other times it doesn't even attempt.  I had to jump it Friday, and 3 times on Sunday.  Saturday it started no problem...go figure!  Saturday night we put it on the "trickle charger" all night to see if we just needed to charge the battery good.  Sunday morning it read "green", but was dead so that didn't work.  The battery was still full of water so we decided to just go get a new one.  Thankfully it worked!  Definitely grateful for a cheap and easy fix.  It took us a little googling to figure out how to unlock our stereo so we could use it again and miraculously our panic button on our fab now works!  We bought the Pilot used and it's never worked, but it does now!  LOL  Who knows....
We ended our weekend with a good game of Scrabble as a family.  It was the girls' first time playing and they did really well!  Madalyn got desperate towards the end when she drew 4 e's and only had an x, w, and a t to work with.  She came up with some pretty good word guesses!  LOL  
Now onto a busy week!  Hope you all have a great day!

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Chelsea Thomas said...

This was a great post :) I miss you guys!