Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Our weekend...

We had an amazing weekend at my parents house.
Because of that, I have over 300 pictures that I need to edit and upload...
I had plans of getting that accomplished and have the 1st post up today, but yesterday and today were chuck full of things that had to be seen to 1st.  The lawn was one of the first things on the list to get done before the rain for 7 days straight hits.  Everything has greened up really nice!  I was able to get quite a few things finished yesterday so thankfully I've lost my overwhelmed feeling this morning.  Yesterday Doug and I both went to bed feeling pretty over loaded.  Today is just a full day.  We have a funeral at church to help out with, and class tonight.  Food is already made for both though so that helps.  And it's a new day!  Praise the Lord for that...what a beautiful morning!  As I sat at the kitchen table watching the sun come up this morning, my mind was full.   I'm floored at the fact that my girls are so big now!  Marissa is going to be 12 in 2 days and Madalyn is going to be 10 in a little over a week!  How exactly did that happen?  I'm so proud of them, who they are, their hearts, the ladies they are becoming...   I guess I should save the rest of my sappiness for another post, ie. a birthday post! LOL 
On another note, we only have 3 nights of "classes" left after tomorrow!
I'm so anxious to have this step accomplished and to actually be able to use what we have learned!

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