Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Locking up Daddy

 When the training officer asked for the kids to volunteer their parents for the next activity, Marissa was one of the 1st ones to raise her hand.  Thankfully it was for Daddy and not me! ;)

After planting some items on himself, Doug entered the room to be searched.  The girls did a great job and got pretty serious in their officer role!

Because of what they found on him, Daddy was cuffed and taken to a holding cell.

 My favorite part was listening to Doug speaking Spanish to Dad LOL

 Getting him settled

Locked up...I think he is the only parent that was actually locked up HAHA

Madalyn even closed the window :)


Laurie Hosmer said...

Loved seeing these pics. Not sure who had more fun with this, Doug or your dad who got to lock him

Sarah Benedict said...

I know it! ;) Doug was having a blast...I started laughing when he started speaking Spanish to Dad LOL

Rachel Zehr said...

Lol. That's so funny!

Rachel Zehr said...
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