Thursday, May 25, 2017

I have some sad news and some happy news...

...for my dad and Grandma anyhow. 
Last night Doug flew into Syracuse at 11:20 after being gone for a week and a half.  We were at the airport to surprise him again like normal even though his flight came in so late.  We went to a different terminal than what he normally is at, so we found a good hiding place.  

The only problem is that I forgot to turn off my location setting on my phone when I left the house.  I did turn it off when I got to the airport, but it had already put a pin point on Doug's google map saying I was there.  Of course if he wasn't a brat and didn't check when he landed he wouldn't have known, but he is so he knew!  LOL  It was still fun!  Madalyn said next time we aren't going because he is expecting it now so we need change things up a bit.  :)
So starting this morning, Doug is on vacation until a week from Saturday!  I am sooo excited.  We are pulling out later this afternoon with the camper for some R&R!  :) 
That is the good news...the bad news is, we are going to a campground that is going to be sketchy on service and of course no internet.  
The blog will be down for a while unfortunately because of this.  
I'll have lots to post about when we get back for sure though!
See you all in a little over a week!