Thursday, May 18, 2017

A surprise box in the mail!

Last week we got a box in the mail that I wasn't expecting.  It was from Grandma and Grandpa Geiger...the 1st part of the girls' birthday present.  
We opened it and found 12 caterpillars in a kit that has it all set up to watch them go full cycle!  

The girls have really enjoyed watching them!  As of this morning we have 4 in chrysalis' and 2 in the "J" shape and getting ready.  Half way is a good sign.  So far we only have one that we aren't sure is going to make it thanks to one of his fellow friends who messed with him while he was transforming. :(
I'll update with more pictures once we get them all changed and moved over to their new home!

For anyone interested, you can purchase these kits and others at, for a super great price!

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Rachel Zehr said...

So cool. Thanks for sharing the link