Thursday, June 2, 2016


My parents came down for another visit on Friday.  They watched the girls for us while we took the teens on another outing.  We got home and headed right for bed because we had a busy day scheduled for Saturday!
Saturday morning, we got up and got ready for the day.  We loaded the bikes and headed to Boonville to ride the Erie Canal trail.  What a beautiful day!  The girls had planned on riding the tandem, but changed their mind last minute.  Bummer!  I didn't want to force them and then have them get frustrated and ruin the ride for everyone.  We rode 12.5 miles and then headed to get some ice cream at Mercers.  We realized once we got back to the house that it was 99 degrees outside, and it felt like 102!  I wasn't complaining though!  It was so nice to be hot!  
We headed out shortly after getting home to pickup our plants for the garden.  Mom and Dad were so gracious to allow and even encourage us to do that to make planting Monday a little easier.  I was a little concerned that our local greenhouse would be cleaned out, but they were loaded and their plants were HUGE!  Mom and Dad even found a few things that they had been looking for.  
After we got back to the house, Dad asked Doug when we were taking the dead tree down.  Before I knew it, the chain saw was out and the two of them were working together to get it down safely and land it exactly where they wanted it.  Doug has taken down quite a few trees, but its always been in the woods and not around anything that needed to be avoided.  Thankfully, it came down nice and easy and they were able to even avoid my lilac bushes and peonies.  We got it all sawed up before calling it a day.  
I'm so grateful for my parents, but especially Dad.  We were both kind of dreading taking that tree down and really needed that extra push.  Now we don't have to worry about the next wind storm and wondering when it will end up falling and what it will land on!

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