Friday, June 10, 2016

The tandem

After having a pretty busy day, we decided to take a relaxing bike ride tonight after dinner.  The girls had ridden the tandem in the yard, but we have yet to take it out for a really test.  Tonight they decided they would take that.  Since we were all 4 riding, and we were riding the road, I don't have any pictures.  They sure were cute though!  What a great way to teach them teamwork!  They started out a little rocky, but quickly caught on that they needed to communicate in order to make stopping and going successful.  They picked up on it fast and did an awesome job.  Madalyn is still a little short for it so she kept loosing her peddles, but even caught on to picking it back up easily.  They both tried so hard and I'm really proud of them.  We kept to an easy route tonight so that they could get a better handle for the bike before doing any major downhills or uphills.  
Can't wait to take it out again!  Maybe one of these days I'll get brave and take my camera!

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