Monday, June 6, 2016

Memorial Day...

Doug had the day off for Memorial Day, which is always a huge blessing.  We had plans to get the garden planted, weather permitting.  God was so good to us and held off all rain so that we could get that in.  While we were planting, our phones rang, but we let them be since we were disgusting.  Next thing we knew, Doug's dad was bringing us down a load of dirt.  We had asked if we could use some of his extra dirt to fill in the hole that had settled after we fixed our basement wall.  With our water issues, we didn't want water sitting in the that low spot and encouraging it to find its way into our basement.  We had planned on taking our trailer up there and loading it with Dad's tractor and then unloading it by hand.  So it was a huge surprise to see him come down with a loaded dump trailer!  What a blessing.  We were able to get the garden all in, and get the sides of the basement entrance fixed with dirt.  We felt really accomplished...two big things off our list in one day!
Then we headed up to Doug's parents for a picnic.  We had a great time of fellowship.  The kids all played and wore out.  Food was amazing!  So thankful for another beautiful day.
I'm also very thankful for Doug's parents.  It's nice to be able to be a help to each other and trade off things.  Thanks again for the dirt! :)

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