Thursday, June 16, 2016

Chloe is on probation...

We all know I love my dogs to pieces, and Chloe has always been a pretty easy dog...especially for being a terrier!  She has been doing an amazing job at hunting already this summer...however, her recall up at Doug's parents has been not so good.  Sunday we had to go looking for her and when Doug finally located her and brought her back to the house, she had a torn ear and some scratches.  I'm guessing by the looks of it that she got hung up while chasing something.  Anyhow, thankfully it is healing nicely and doesn't seem bothered by it in the least bit.  (She always has been a tough cookie!)
We definitely won't be giving her full freedom up there anymore, but at our place she has been sticking around the house great, yet still getting her hunting accomplished.  Well the other day we caught her in the garden again...she polished off 7 more cauliflower plants!  I have never seen such a thing...she ate the whole thing!  She got 3 of them before we ever even got them in the garden...but she had been good about them once they were in.  
Oh my word!  
I have to stop at the greenhouse now today and hopefully I can get another dozen plants.  For now, there is no more leaving her outside unattended.  Unfortunately, that means our moles have gone crazy and we have new holes popping up all over the place.  :(  
We may have to consider a "deer" fence for our garden just to keep the plants safe!  That way the dogs can still spend time out having fun....AND we can still enjoy our veggies!

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