Friday, February 12, 2016

Well I thought I had a blog post planned... if I can only remember what it was about!  UGH I think I'm going to be in a nut house when I'm old.  I can't remember anything!  I should have sat down to write it when I thought about it.  Molly ended up coming in the bedroom while I was getting ready and I realized her face was swollen.  Both eyes are affected as well as her muzzle about half way up and the lower part of her tongue.  I just gave her the first dose of Benadryl.  Hopefully it does the trick.  My mother in law had to run and grab me the tablets since the amount of liquid I would have to get into her is ridiculous.  Bills are paid, so I think I'm going to tackle or at least start to tackle the taxes.  
We have our Valentines banquet tonight.  I'm excited to have some time with Doug ;) 

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