Wednesday, December 2, 2015


When Doug went in the attic to get the Christmas lights, tree and decorations out, he came across a box with all my old dolls in it.  I forgot I had them up there and even what was in it!  Of course then we got to take a walk down memory lane as I unpacked it.  

This doll was made for me.  Neither Mom nor I remember who made it though!  Possibly Grandma?  She is still in really good condition.  The mice left her alone, she just has a stain on her face.  I'm not sure how to clean it without ruining the doll though.

I'm pretty sure these two came from my Aunt Rosie.  She collected these sort of things and when she got sick she gave me a couple.  

(Please excuse our worn out chair!)  I don't remember how I inherited this guy, but Mom is pretty sure this was a gift from Dad to her.  He went on a lot of adventures with me!

I remember I named this one Fluffy, but again I can't remember where he came from...

This is Abigail.  She has been through the ringer!  The mice got ahold of her while in the attic, but they are only responsibly for the hole in her face and missing parts of her hands.  The rest is wear and tear from me.  I have a lot of memories with her.  From camping with Grandma and Grandpa and feeding her marshmallows, to adventures at the park with her in tow, I always had a blast.  Then there was the dreaded day where she was missing for a good share of the day.  We tore the house apart, retraced steps for that was bad.  If I remember correctly, she was tucked behind a chair in the living room with some blankets on top of her.  

After seeing the damage done, everything has found a place downstairs in the house where we can hopefully protect them a little more!

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