Tuesday, September 29, 2015


Sunday we got back from church pretty late.  I think it was about 9:30pm when we walked in the house.  As the girls rounded the corner to their room, we heard Madalyn yell.  Apparently Peterette had gotten out of her hutch.  Somehow the door hadn't been latched all the way.  I'm not sure how long she was out for since we didn't find any messes, but either way, it could have been really bad.  I'm so thankful that a.) the dogs didn't get a hold of her, and b.) she didn't make a huge mess in the house.  I might not have been the biggest fan of the idea of a rabbit, but she is a nice rabbit and the girls would be devastated!  So today I'm thankful that God cares about even the little things...including a bunny ;) (Who by the way is getting really big!  I'll have to take a new picture of her soon so you all can see.  I'm really hoping that she is close to being done growing, although at 5 months I'm probably hoping for a bit too much!)

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