Wednesday, September 9, 2015

New Playgrounds

The girls are pretty good about finding something to do no matter what they have to work with.  One of their most favorite things to do when we go to a new campground though is to find out if they have a playground.  We hit the jackpot at this place!  So many unique obstacles and activities in one place!  We walked here at LEAST once a day!

Marissa learned that week that you can only spin around so many times before your belly and head start to feel off!

Madalyn caught onto that a little faster...

They raced up this thing more times than I can count!

This smaller playground must have been the old one and was just on the other side of the trees from the new one.  The kids loved it all the same!

They thought the slide was amazing!   I'm going to have to remember to tuck some wax paper away in the camper for our next visit!


Sharon Geiger said...

Yes, everyone lays on someone when they go down the slide <3

Chelsea Thomas said...

Wax paper! A must!!!