Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Goofy kid

 I've made a new commitment to myself and I'm taking a break from Facebook unless I'm messaged or tagged.  The only thing that is keeping me from deleting it for good is Scentsy.  I do the majority of my business through Facebook and I'm not sure I would be able to remain active if I didn't keep it.  So I'm working on self control and so far I'm very proud of myself!  LOL
I say all that because I used to post random things the kids said or whatever on there and now it will all be on here!  

So Sunday we were coming home from church and the girls were talking.  We had just had an awesome service with the visiting evangelist and they were talking about his wife.  Then Madalyn starts in and it went something like this....
"Hey Mom, do you want to know how I remember the Evangelist's name?"
"How Madalyn?"
"I just think of a Ventriloquist....
and then I remember Evangelist!"

"Get it?  Ventriloquist....Evangelist?"
The car erupts in giggles .  LOL
Her logic gets me quite often!  Poor Marissa didn't get it either and we didn't want to be rude and say you aren't the only one!  She finally let it go and realized it was just funny!  :)


Sharon Geiger said...

All in a drive home in the Benedict vehicle. <3 those girls!

Rachel Zehr said...