Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Our site...

We have never stayed at Filmore Glen in Moravia, but I definitely wouldn't mind going back.  They were the only place that had a site available for Friday night.  We didn't need to be back until Saturday evening so we figured why not stay if we could.  So we tried a new place!  This is also the first time we have taken all 4 pets with us.  We have taken Beaker and she does great, but this was Peterette's first time out.  I was slightly worried about it but it was great!

They warned us when we checked in that although our site was nice because we were at the end of a dead end "loop", on the other side of the trees was a fairly busy road.  They said if we didn't like it they would move us.  We LOVED it!  The traffic didn't bother us, it really wasn't bad and there was a good amount of trees there so you couldn't see the road really.

And we had the whole "loop" to ourselves until Thursday!

So peaceful and beautiful!  So thankful for the opportunity!


Sharon Geiger said...

I just told Dad that I missed camping. I'm not ready for a camper yet but I'd like to rent a cabin or even tent ....hahaha.....maybe once.

Chelsea Thomas said...

^next summer, Mom!

I love your site! It looked awesome and to yourselves. I miss camping! Also, what game is that? LOL

Sarah Benedict said...