Thursday, December 11, 2014

Someone is 1!!!!

I can't believe it's been over a year already since we picked up this puppy in Ohio on our way down to Louisiana!  When we got her she was about 25lbs and 15 inches at the shoulder.  She was the same height as Chloe and the sweater we bought her to keep her warm outside, Chloe now uses!  LOL

At 1 year old, Molly is 32 inches at the shoulder and is weighing over 100lbs.  I don't have an exact weight for her because I can't pick her up and get on the scale anymore!  LOL

She is an amazing dog and fits into our family perfectly, even Chloe loves her!  She is spoiled rotten,  sleeps in bed with us, is still in the chewing phase and is still kenneled when we leave the house.  
Happy Birthday Molly!


Sharon Geiger said...

I love that one where Molly is on Madalyn's lap (sort of) :)

Chelsea Thomas said...

Happy Birthday Molly! How crazy to think she was the size of Chloe!