Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Christmas early with Aunt Chelsea and Uncle Jeremy :)

Chelsea and Jeremy drove all night to get to our place Friday night.  They made great time and were here a couple hours early!  We all had such a great time and I'm so thankful to them for stopping in.  It was amazing!  Since they won't be back for Christmas, we did Christmas early!

The girls both made things for either Aunt Chelsea or Uncle Jeremy...

Molly wanted to be a part!  She loved them both ;)

The girls' turn!

Silly Putty was taped on top...the girls didn't know what it was ;)

The girls have been asking for beads that you melt on molds with an iron.  Aunt Chelsea had no idea, so when the girls opened this gift they were both beyond thrilled!

They had a tough time getting into this one...

Madalyn gave up with the flap and just tore the box up!

I'll explain more on this gift in a later post ;)

My turn!  This year we drew names for the siblings and spouses.  Jeremy drew my name and he did a great job :)

Each letter and part of the cross are horse shoes!  
I LOVE it and already have found a place for them in the house!

Doug had Jeremy :)

He loved it!  Chelsea might hate us the first time she has to wash this thing, but it was so cute! 

Stay tuned tomorrow for the best gift of the season!

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