Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Time to think...

Have you ever had something happen to you that made you stop and think?  We all have I'm sure.  A lot of times it results in helping us realize what we have and what we should be extra thankful for.  The past couple weeks I have had one of these moments on going.  I've been almost 2 weeks without a washer.  When it initially broke I didn't think anything of it.  But as the days went on...I didn't realize how spoiled I was!  Having Doug working out of town pretty steady here lately mixed with our busy schedules on the weekends, doesn't leave for much time to get his laundry done before he needs it again on Monday.  I've had a little bit easier time keeping up with the girls' laundry, but even that isn't convenient.  I'm so grateful for the people that have offered me their machines so that I'm not having to run to the laundromat.  I'll be another week without it and I'm praying that this actually fixes it.  Until them, I'm going to use this time to help me remember to be thankful for what I have.  I get in a state of mind sometimes where I'm just going through the motions and don't really stop to realize everything God does for me on a daily basis.  I'm going to try and use this time to stop and thank Him.  I have quite the list of things that I have been blessed with!

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