Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Busy Day

While the kids were resting with Daddy, Beth and I were busy with squash....loads and loads of butternut squash.  I didn't think it looked like that much till we started cutting it up.  Beth was so sweet to come over and help us can some.  We got 14 quarts done and then the rest fit in the freezer.  I'm so thankful to have that all done!  

We are officially ready for winter :)


Sharon Geiger said...

I didn't know you canned squash. I thought you just froze it :)

Chelsea Thomas said...

I need to give you my recipe for butternut squash soup! Mmmmmm!

Sarah Benedict said...

I've never canned anything before...Beth helped me so that I could get it taken care of.
Chelsea I have it :)