Monday, October 27, 2014

Another shot at it...

The repair man should be here between 8 and 5.  Really hoping that today is the day I get my washer back!  It will almost be weird doing laundry here at the house, but I am MORE than ready to have my laundry room back in order and do my own laundry in my own washer :)  I'm so thankful for all that have helped me get through the last month!  Time will tell.  I'm well prepared for today to not be the fix as well.  
I think that is it for today.  
I already have my first extra kiddo for the day, and I'm on the finishing stages of fixing a computer.  
So I'm short on time today.  I'll be back tomorrow ;) 
 I hope you all have an awesome day!

My washer is fixed!  The repair man left with a smile on his face!  Now to get it clean smelling again ;)  After having the washer sit with water in it, since it couldn't spin out, it has been left a little on the musty side :/  I can't wait to do laundry in my own house this afternoon!

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