Tuesday, November 1, 2016


Since the girls have been old enough to take an interest, we have tried to make an effort to carve pumpkins.  This year a farmer down the road offered us pumpkins and we were so grateful!  We got some pretty awesome ones and made Sunday afternoon our day to carve.  This year was probably the best year ever because the girls were old enough to do just about the whole thing themselves.  We started off on the computer picking out our designs.  Then Doug cut our tops off, but other than that, the girls did the rest on their own!  

The dogs kept stealing our guts that didn't make it to the bucket so they hung pretty close to the kitchen!

My finished project!  It took me a while to figure out which face I wanted to do, but I'm pretty pleased with my selection!

Madalyn's prized pumpkin!

There was some discrepancy as to whether it was a cat or a mouse, 
so in case anyone is curious, it's a cat!

Doug's pumpkin...it leaned the wrong way so he decided to carve it this way.  
I think it adds to the goofy face for sure!

Marissa picked a puppy...she did the whole thing by herself, minus the spot around the eye.

The whole line up!  Some of our pumpkins leaned the wrong way so we had to prop them up a little bit.  I love them and love how they turned out!  What a fun day!

We got almost all the way home from church Sunday night and Madalyn asks me if I think that Chloe would eat our pumpkins.  I told her I didn't think so since this wasn't the first time we had carved them and she hasn't in the past.....
....and then we came home to this LOL!  I'm so glad she didn't pick one of the girls' pumpkins to eat!  

She knew!  LOL  

All lit up...AFTER Chloe helped with Doug's pumpkin :)


Unknown said...

GREAT JOB all of you but I have to say once they were lit the girls were really cool!!!!! Dad (Grampa)

Rachel Zehr said...

Those are so awesome! Love them!! Special memories.

Rachel Zehr said...

Those are so awesome! Love them!! Special memories.